Clean and restore hacked WordPress website

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This is how we fix your hacked website

1 Identify problem

Before we clean up your WordPress website, we need to determine what the problem is. We take stock of the extent of the hack. And we look at how the hacker proceeded.

2 Backing up

Of course, you don’t want the valuable content on your website to go to waste. Therefore, to be on the safe side, we first backup all data, such as texts and images.

3 Website cleanup

We take a close look under the hood of the WordPress theme and plugins you’re using. We clean up the code behind your website. We remove viruses, malware and other junk immediately.

4 Changing passwords

Better safe than sorry. Therefore, we change the passwords of all administrators within your WordPress website. This way we reduce the chance of a hack in the future.

5 Performing a virus scan

To make sure there really are no more malicious files or URLs, we run another virus scan. After all, we like to be thorough

6 Website back online

Your website is hack-free again! And so can safely go online again. We do a final test, add security and, if necessary, remove the website from the blacklists.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for WordPress websites to be hacked. Our WordPress experts will get your website back online cleanly in no time.

How do I know my WordPress website has been hacked?

  • Website displays strange texts and links that you did not place yourself
  • Website is redirected to another domain name (re-direct)
  • Google recognizes that your website has been hacked, preventing you from showing in search results
  • You get a notification from your hosting provider that spam is being sent from your website


Are you suffering from a hacked website and need help cleaning it up? Then this service is the solution to get your site back online quickly!

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